Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chris and The Striped Marlin

Chris came all the way from America to target species. His target for this day fishing from St. Lucia Estuary, iSimangaliso Wetlands, was a Black Marlin, but Chris knew that nature cannot be prescribed and his anticipation was greatly rewarded when he got a hook on Wave Dancer with Barend as the Captain for this day.

Barend has been fishing St. Lucia and Mozambique waters since he was a youngster and did his surf launching hours on the Whale Watching boats of St. Lucia, launching up to four times a day returning safely every day with happy customers. Since he became an independent operator he raked up many successful fishing trips with many happy customers.

This story is about one of these customers and the excitement of encountering a Striped Marlin in waters where he did not expect to rank up such a specimen on his specie list. The Hook up was done in front of First Rocks at about 200 meter with a water temperature  of 25.9 C. 

The fight did not last very long but was never the less a grueling one. 20 Minutes later this magnificent creature was carefully landed by the team (Chris and Barend).

Chris was clearly satisfied with the outcome and after a brief photo session the Marlin was tagged and released. This type of wishing reaches its ultimate goal once a fish is re caught and the angler of the tag is informed of his fish still adding Fun Factor millage for other anglers. How cool must it be if your son can re land this fish 5 years down the line ... that would be the ultimate Dad Son bonding experience ...

The Tackle used was a Brand New Tigra 80W Shimano with 80lb IGFA line on a BG 80 Blue Water Purglass Rod. Williamson's Pulsator Lure (softy Marlin Magnet) Blue and White was what caught this avid hunters eye.

Barend and his Team will surely bring more stories to us over the next couple of months.

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